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  • Kika Goes to Hollywood
    Noverber 3, 2017

    Trivia time! Guess the #1 grossing domestic movie this past summer. Here’s a clue: “I will fight for those who cannot fight for themselves.” If you guessed Wonder Woman, ding ding ding you are correct! Wonder Woman was the hottest summer movie, racking up over $400 million in the U.S. Despicable Me 3 also had a great showing with over $250 million in ticket sales.

    Through Kika’s partnerships with major entertainment houses (Warner Bros. and 20th Century Fox), we launched several branded keyboards and stickers to enable consumers to enjoy and share those memories beyond the movie screen. Kika is the first and only keyboard company to offer the most current branded movie themes.The results speak for themselves. This summer, there were over 650,000 and 150,000 downloads of our Despicable Me 3 and Wonder Woman keyboards respectively. Our previous theme releases, Sing, Lego Batman, Valerian, and Nut Job 2, received over 275,000 total downloads. Kika users continue to show their appreciation by rating these apps with 4.5 stars!

    U.S. consumers live and breathe entertainment on a daily basis - it’s on the movie screen, on their TV, and even on their phones. Looking at the bigger picture, it’s fascinating to see technology and entertainment so intertwined.

    Now, thanks to technology, entertainment is now closer than ever to consumer’s fingertips.

    Keyboard themes

    U.S. consumers love the themes we offer, and we believe that there is a unique keyboard theme for every single user.

    In the ever evolving world of expressive communication, Kika provides its users the ability to personalize their devices with keyboard themes from the latest hit movies.

    <Despicable Me 3>
    <Wonder Woman>
    Sticker Packs

    Peer-to-peer mobile communication had previously been heavily text centric. But, in this new and improved mobile era, users now have the tools for far deeper levels of expressiveness.

    Emojis, GIFs, and stickers are the vehicles to enable universal communication, transcending language and age barriers.

    As consumers, we connect with our peers through content sharing - we share videos, pictures, and messages. When something leaves an impression, we want to share it with the world. The entertainment industry thrives on its ability to tell stories. The best movies tell the best stories. Stickers are the next phase of this storytelling journey.

    If you haven’t already, personalize your keyboard by going to theGoogle Play Store and check out Despicable Me 3, Wonder Woman, Valerian, Nut Job 2 and many other available themes.